Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. is a specialized service, construction, and fabrication company focused on the remediation of environmental contaminants in soil and groundwater, primarily using insitu technologies.  Sequoia was formed in 1998 with the specific goal of providing top quality technical expertise and hands on service to our clients who require remediation, source control, equipment servicing/provision, or site closure throughout Canada and the United States.

Sequoia Environmental Remediation is a premier environmental service company in Canada.  


We provide a wide variety of environmental remediation services, from manufacturing, to chemical injections, to maintenance, to research and development, and we are always willing to assist our clients on any jobsite.

Sequoia Environmental Remediation provides services to a wide variety of clients across many industries.  Based out of Calgary Alberta, we are very familiar with environmental, oil and gas, and landfill clients.  

We are proud to service many other industries and are pleased to offer our professional technicians, engineering staff, and many decades worth of remediation experience to expertly assist with your environmental concerns, regardless of industry, site requirements, size or scope.

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