Pilot testing

Sequoia has the expertise and equipment to conduct short, medium, and long-term pilot testing for a variety of environmental contaminants, assisting our clients in developing full scale remediation solutions.


We have a fleet of mobile piloting testing equipment specifically designed to test for: soil vapour extraction, multi-phase extraction, air sparging, chemical injection, groundwater pumping, groundwater treatment, and much more.

Operations and Maintenance

Sequoia has a team of highly trained field technicians, that are able to provide operations and maintenance to sites across Canada that contain environmental remediation equipment. 


Our technicians are fully trained journeyman with certifications and required courses to allow access to a variety of client sites with the most stringent of safety standards.


Sequoia is one of Western Canada’s premier environmental equipment manufacturers. 


Our reputation for designing and manufacturing robust, efficient, and operator friendly machinery is well known.


We manufacture our equipment from the ground up, keeping most facets of construction in house.

Multi-Phase, Vapour Extraction, and Air Sparge Systems

Sequoia’s remediation systems are designed to be robust and relatively low maintenance.  

Systems can be manufactured in standard and bespoke configurations, suitable for a wide variety of applications and tailored for specific needs.

Groundwater Treatment Systems

Sequoia designs and constructs groundwater treatment systems for all type of sites and contaminants. Our equipment is customized to each application, as such our groundwater treatment systems will be equipped for any challenges specific to your site. 

Typical groundwater treatment systems may include knockout tanks, oil water separators, sediment filtration, aeration, and activated carbon polishing ensuring effluent water quality exceeds site-specific requirements.

Equipment Installations

Sequoia provides full-service remediation system and equipment installation including, but not limited to, electrical connection, sewer discharge connection, underground piping, manifolds, wellheads, and equipment enclosures.

Installations can be optimized for cold climates to ensure year round operation.

Telemetry & Remote Monitoring

Sequoia can provide telemetry and remote monitoring services on remediation systems. Notification of system alarms and data acquisition improve the efficacy of remediation systems. In addition to standard phone and email alarm notifications, the collected data is graphed and available to view remotely, reducing the need for operators to be physically present at site.

Injection Services

Sequoia is expertly equipped to inject amendments into the subsurface for the purpose of contaminant mass reduction, plume stability, or final polish for site closure.  We have extensive experience injecting oxidants, nutrients, and activated carbon amendments. Injection programs can occur through direct push rods, dedicated injection locations, or monitoring wells when applicable. We work with our clients to determine the best amendment program for your site.

Pneumatic Fracturing

Sequoia provides pneumatic fracturing services to aid in the recovery of contaminants in tight soils. 


This technology pairs with other remedial techniques to increase mass removal.

Alternate Power

Sequoia has been instrumental in the success of several remote client sites that do not have available electricity.


We can provide alternate power supply such as solar power systems, diesel fired generators, or micro turbine generators to meet a sites power requirement.

Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers

Sequoia oxidizers are built with flexibility in mind. Oxidizers can be custom-built specifically for your site requirements, or standard configurations can be purchased in 250, 500, 1000, and 5000 scfm sizes. Our oxidizers can use all types of make-up fuels, including natural gas, propane, diesel, and waste fuel from oil fields sites.

Emergency Response

Sequoia can provide trained field technicians and self-sufficient remediation equipment that enables us to successfully respond to emergency response calls. 


We can quickly mobilize, setup and operate our remediation and groundwater treatment equipment assisting our clients through surface spills of contaminants and other emergency scenarios where expedient professional response is critical.


Sequoia can provide all of the necessary equipment required to effectively pump and treat surface and groundwater generated during excavations. Our equipment is simple to operate and contains generators, pumps, sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, and is contained inside of a heated container, ready to be deployed to your site for all seasons and weather conditions.

Liquid Product Recovery

Sequoia has extensive experience in the collection and removal of liquid product from the subsurface. 


Whether using multi phase extraction, pneumatic product pumps, electric fuel pumps, sorbent socks, or manual product extraction, Sequoia has the experience and technology to maximize contaminant mass removal.


Sub Slab Depressurization

Sequoia can install sub slab depressurization (SSD) systems in locations that require indoor air quality improvement where contaminants exist below the buildings foundation. 

SSD systems provide a preferential pathway for delinquent vapours to move through, preventing intrusion into buildings.  Each application is customized to site-specific conditions and contaminants.

Down Well Inspection

Sequoia can provide internal inspection of monitoring wells, and other piping. 

Our waterproof well & pipe inspection camera is capable of capturing detail in low light conditions allowing a view inside of well casings. 


The footage can be digitally recorded and provided for later reference. 

The camera is capable of a depth of 45 meter and is 2 cm wide.

Research and Development

Sequoia dedicates a significant amount of time and expense to expand our knowledge within the environmental remediation industry.  Our commitment to research and development continues to bolster Sequoia’s practical knowledge ensuring that we are second to none in our field. The dedication to continuous improvement ensures that our clients receive the most up to date solutions to their complex remedial problems.

Equipment Rentals

Sequoia owns a fleet of rental equipment. 


Ranging from large multi-phase and groundwater treatment systems, to small pumps, and most things in between. 


Consult our Sequoia Enviro Supply division for instrumentation rentals and sales of supplies commonly required.

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