Sequoia Environmental Remediation provides the landfill and waste industry with contracting and specialty consulting services.  With focus on responsible practices and reliable equipment, Sequoia aims to provide innovative and practical approaches to both common and unusual landfill concerns.

Contact us today for a free evaluation.  With some basic site information and objectives, we are happy to discuss your options.  If a site visit is required, a member of the landfill team will visit free of charge to hone the plan. Contact Us Now.

Our landfill project team has considerable experience working on a variety of landfill sites in Canada, implementing custom solutions to lower operational costs, maintain compliance, hosting site telemetry and data collection services, and system maintenance by experienced field technicians.

  • Leachate Collection and Recovery Systems
  • Leachate Monitoring Systems
  • Leachate Disposal and Treatment
  • Data collection and storage
  • Automated systems with remote alarms to reduce costs while maintaining compliance
  • Automated remote monitoring and off grid data collection solutions
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Electric systems
  • Self-sufficient solar pumping systems
  • Rehabilitation of existing recovery sumps
  • Onsite leachate storage, containment and loadout solutions
  • Offsite disposal options
  • Onsite treatment
    • Offgas flares
    • Offgas power generation
    • Evaporators
  • Weather stations – Solar options are available
  • Leachate levels
  • Leachate recovery volumes/rates

Take control of your site from anywhere. Our telemetry experts give you access to remote monitoring and data storage. Plus you can access our custom data exports to ease your report duties.

 Sequoia Environmental has provided environmental contracting and specialized consulting services since 1998.  If you would like additional information on all our services, please visit our HOME page.

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